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Why LoopLink?



Diabetes podcaster Stacey Simms wrote:

A few years back, Scott Hanselman wrote a post some have called a seminal moment in the diabetes community. Called "The Sad State of Diabetes Technology in 2012," it sparked action, particularly in what's now known as the #WeAreNotWaiting movement.

The diabetes community has been pushing the bounds of avaiable technology as long as anyone can remember. The PalmPilot-based GlucoPilot in the 1990s, a backpack sized Insulin Pump in the 1970s, and the rise of Nightscout, OpenAPS, and Loop in this decade.

Be sure to read Nate Rackleyft's amazing history of Loop and LoopKit. Bask in the hard work of dozens of volunteers, all giving their time, for free to design open source systems that help us all. Ben West, Chris Hannemann, Dana Lewis Scott Leibrand, Pete Schwamb, Sulka Haro, and on and on and hundreds more.

Pete's RileyLink is a Bluetooth to sub-1Ghz bridge that allows hobbyists and hackers to explore this exciting area of the RF spectrum with their phones and other devices. The RileyLink's hardware and firmware is generously and permissively MIT licensed on GitHub.

Scott was Looper #6 and has owned a half-dozen of these wonderful devices. Desiring more features, greater range, a thinner case, the ability to plugin in and run without an attached battery, Scott approached the IoT hardware design firm Hip Science, where Marquette Trishaun graciously donated time and resources made available by his staff.

Together they refined the design iteration we are now calling the all new LoopLink that runs (today) the same RileyLink firmware. It's 100% compatible, shows up in your apps where you'd expect, but is a forked improvement. All of Scott’s time has been donated, and this is a non-profit venture that is meant only to push the technology further.

Scott, with help from Loop expert Katie DiSimone, approached the Nightscout Foundation for logistical help. The hardware plans will be given to the Nightcout Foundation and orders for LoopLinks are being fulfilled by the non-profit Nightscout Foundation.

We appreciate the community! #WeAreNotWaiting