Introducing LoopLink

Loop-compatible RileyLink alternative

Low power mode Smaller Battery
RF Tuned Great Range
Pocketable Smaller than ever
Non-profit Sold at or below cost

Get a LoopLink

We are collecting emails now and accepting orders from Beta Testers soon!


  • Which pumps? Omni Eros for now, MDT/Medtronic in a second gen if there's interest
  • Price? $125 Shipped within the US
  • Expected Test Users Ship Date Nov 2020
  • Expected general availability Ship Date Q1 2021
  • What about international testers? Not at this time, USPS has been unreliable internationally. We are exploring options.
  • I want to print my own case! We'll share the GitHub Repro with all plans and case STLs soon.


Orders are fullfilled by the non-profit Nightscout Foundation. This is a non-profit venture.


Runs the open source RileyLink firmware

Smaller case

With a smaller, thinner design, and a smaller battery, the case is more pocketable than ever


Stronger RF signal, longer range, and individually professionally RF tuned in the HipScience lab.


Runs a whole day on a tiny rechargeable battery. Has built in battery protection so it won't swell or overheat. Battery will last years.

Pro Design

Professionally designed and improved pro-bono by 20-year RF expert and former Lockheed Engineer Marquette Trishaun.